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Non Anonymous Instruction CN, Official Release Download, Mobile Gacha RPG Games!

A new mobile card RPG Game called Non Anonymous Instruction is finally released officially in Chinese CN and is available to download. The game offers a really good effect, high-quality gameplay with gacha element in the RPG games. Those interested can see the gameplay below:

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Non Anonymous Instruction is an urban card RPG mobile game set in the near future. As a spirit eater who can penetrate spiritual space, you travel to Teutoburg, the stage’s epicentre, to investigate a fire case from fifty years ago under the direction of the mysterious boss X. As the investigation continues to advance, the scheme and goal are progressively uncovered, as is your identity.

The narrative takes place in a bustling city. The current near-future style is a fantasy metropolis of Teutoburg seen from above. The protagonists of the narrative, the spirit eaters, have unique and beautiful combat methods. Additionally, it can release the metamorphosis via its unique spirit pattern mechanism. Unlock unique transformation effects and vanquish formidable foes with a fantasy-inspired appearance!

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