Stardust Cookie Toppings Guide

Stardust Cookie Toppings Guide – CRK Cookie Run Kingdom

In this guide, you’ll discover how to enhance the strength of Stardust Cookie by using this toppings guide in the Cookie Run Kingdom. Before we dive into the topping recommendations, let’s take a moment to review the skills of Stardust Cookie.

About Stardust Cookie – Cookie Run Kingdom:

Stardust Cookie is a formidable Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom, known for its ambush-style attacks and skill set. As a middle-positioned Cookie, Stardust Cookie’s skill, Wrath of the Stars, marks the enemy with the highest ATK and deals area damage to enemies. This skill amplifies debuffs on enemies and deals extra damage to targets with buffs.

If Stardust Cookie lands a critical hit, the target will fall asleep, and the Cookie will receive a DMG Resist buff. In addition, Stardust Cookie has the ability to summon meteors to attack sleeping enemies. All of these skills make Stardust Cookie an excellent choice for players who want a powerful and versatile Cookie on their team.

By selecting the right toppings and maximizing their skills, players can further enhance the strength of Stardust Cookie and dominate their opponents in battles.

Stardust Cookie Toppings Guide:

Stardust Cookie Debuff Sleep:

  • If you want to focus on triggering the asleep effect and debuff, use x5 Juicy Apple Jelly Toppings instead. This will increase Stardust Cookie’s CRIT and improve the chances of triggering the asleep effect. If Stardust Cookie lands a critical hit, the target will fall asleep, which can be a game-changer in battles.

 Stardust Cookie Damage Build:

  • If you’re unsure which build to use, we recommend going with a full DMG build (Searing Raspberry Toppings). Stardust Cookie’s default skill CD is 13 seconds, so focusing on DMG will give you the most value.

Don’t forget that using Moonkissed toppings will give you even better stats, so use them if you have them.

How to Get Stardust Cookie?

To obtain Stardust Cookie, keep an eye out for future events or draws that feature this Super Epic Cookie, which was released on March 8th, 2023. With this topping guide, you should now know how to maximize Stardust Cookie’s strength in Cookie Run Kingdom. So, good luck and have fun!

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